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Each player receives $5,000,000 to begin the game. The $5,000,000 is the amount you receive as a family inheritance from your beloved aunt Zenyatta. With the $5,000,000 you move to Del Mar and aspire to become a real estate tycoon.


The object of the game is as follows: (1) purchase various local properties; (2) collect rent from the other players; (3) acquire the most money. When a player cannot pay his/her bills, that player then declares insolvency* and is eliminated from the game. The winner is the player with the most money a er all other players have declared insolvency.

Del Mar Board Game Wagering Wheel

Del Mar Board Game Wagering Wheel


1. Shuffle the Surf and Turf cards and place them face down on the game board.
2. Designate a Banker. The Banker has the following responsibilities:
(a) Setting up the Bank and arranging the money by denominations in the money tray;
(b) Distributing $5,000,000 to each player at the start of the game as follows:
[ 5 ] $10,000 bills = $50,000 • [ 5 ] $20,000 bills = $100,000
[ 7 ] $50,000 bills = $350,000 • [ 10 ] $100,000 bills = $1,000,000
[ 3 ] $500,000 bills = $1,500,000 • [ 2 ] $1,000,000 bills = $2,000,000
*Insolvency occurs when an individual is unable to pay his/her debts and meet his/her financial obligations.
(c) In charge of the property cards and distributing them to players in the course of play;
(d) In charge of the Villa and Mansion pieces and handing them out when purchased;
(e) The banker handles wagering payouts. The banker resolves all disputes regarding wagering payouts or losses (e.g. which space the spinner arrow lands on).
3. Each player chooses a game piece. If two (or more) players desire the same token, then they roll the dice and the higher roller gets to choose.
4. Each player rolls the dice to see who begins play. The player who rolls the highest number goes first and other players follow in a clockwise (left–right) direction. Players roll again after doubles (no limit).

Custom Pieces: Jockey on Horse, Surfer, Dolphin, Sunglasses, Surf Boarder, Del Mar Race Track Hat, Mansion 'M', and Villa 'V'

Local Del Mar Business Game Deed Cards


When you land on an unowned property, you have the option to buy it or refuse. Should you refuse, the property remains unowned and may be purchased the next time it is landed on. Players may at any time engage in property transactions with other players (such as trading or selling their property holdings). However, players cannot sell Villas or Mansions separately to other players unless they are already located on transferred property.

RESTAURANTS: When you land on a Restaurant, you have the same option. Note that ownership of two (2) or more Restaurants results in a rental increase.

HOTELS: When you land on a Hotel, you have the same option. As with Restaurants, the ownership of the two (2) or more Hotels result in a rental increase.

SEA WORLD: Players start at Sea World. During the course of the game, when you land here, take a breather and enjoy the aquatic shows featuring dolphins and other sea life.

SOLANA STATION: When a player lands on the Solana Station, he or she may take a “free ride” and go to any unowned property that can be purchased. This is optional and player(s) may choose to stay at the station.

JOCKEY CLUB: When a player loses his or her bet at the horse races, the money wagered goes to the Jockey Club (not the bank). When a player lands here during the game, he or she collects whatever betting losses that have been accumulated (unless there aren’t any).

HORSE RACES: During the course of the game, after you land on or pass the Horse Races, you have the option of making a bet. In which case, you place your wager (e.g. $10,000) on the game board and then spin the wagering wheel. If you lose, your wager goes to the Jockey Club. In the event that you win, you collect your winnings from the banker. In determining the amount of your winning payout, if you were to bet $10,000 and spin a 3X trifecta, you collect $30,000 (3 times your bet) and your wager. After the wager transaction is completed, normal play continues (i.e., you may purchase the property landed on if unowned or pay rent to the owner).
Note: The maximum wager allowed is $1,000,000 unless players decide otherwise.

Del Mar Game Cards


When landing on the Surf and Turf squares, pick the top card of the deck. Follow the instructions and then return the card to the bottom of the deck.

PROPERTY IMPROVEMENTS: Clearly, the object of the game is to acquire properties and collect the maximum amount of rent. In this regard, it is advisable from a strategy standpoint to acquire all the properties in a group (or color) set.

After acquiring a group set, players may then make improvements by purchasing Villa(s) and/or Mansion(s).

* ALTERNATE GAME RULES: Up-Tempo Version (for 3 or More Players)

For a faster game, players have the option to AUCTION properties that are not purchased when landed on. All payers may take part in the auction, except the player that declined the initial purchase.

Del Mar Game Board

Players: 2-6
Ages: 13-70+

Real Estate Tycoons & Horse Racing Enthusiasts … Compete In An Exciting New Game Of Winner Take All!

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